• Name : Hamid Al Ali
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Hamid presents his materials through an experience that exceeded 10 years in establishing and managing several business ventures in different sectors. Recently, he enriched this outcome with an MBA in Entrepreneurship. 

His lectures are based on interactive workshops and open discussions based on real case studies from the local market. Many of the cases were experienced and supervised by himself.

His presentations are distinguished by integrating theoretical and practical parts, and analyzing success stories in a modified way so that they can be applied on local entrepreneurs.

  • MBA in Entrepreneurship 

    B.Sc. in Engineering Management

    HD in Mechatronics Engineering

    Specialist in Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs). 

    Consultant and guide for many foreigner investments 

    Founder and partner of multiple companies in hospitality, events, and general trading. 

    Winner of Entrepreneurship Award at "Mawarid Financing".

    Worked in government sectors, oil and gas, and naval engineering.

    Participated in numerous specialized courses in entrepreneurship in UAE and abroad.

    Member of Dubai SME 

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