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Certified Professional Entrepreneurship Diploma
15 Feb 2021

This is a highly Practice-oriented program designed to equip potential entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare a business plan based on their own ideas. Participants are not only exposed to the various components of a well-designed business plan, including elements of strategic management, marketing, accounting and finance, but also have to develop their own individual business.

2.5 hour(s)
16 Lectures
AED 3150.00
DEA Programs
Business Optimization in an Uncertain World
26 Jan 2021

An interactive session that will interpret the best approach for addressing the critical challenges, and give the participants a clear view of what steps can be taken to immediately help their businesses sustainability.

2 hour(s)
1 Lectures
DEA Programs
Professional Certificate in Tender Management
08 Mar 2021

A Specialized program in explicating the important steps in managing tenders, enabling SME owners to prepare technical and financial presentations efficiently and reinforce their marketing skills in addition to identifying the procurement procedures and contracts of government agencies

2.5 hour(s)
4 Lectures
AED 525.00

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