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Qualifying Entrepreneurs in the Future Sectors
19 Dec 2022

The training camp aims to identify the most important activities and areas in entrepreneurship sector, which serve the UAE strategy for the year 2071 (post-fifty), and in line with the vision of the UAE and its leaders, may God protect them, which is keen to prepare a generation capable of taking on future adventures and being a leader. It was necessary to prepare a program that would enable the trainees to know their skills, work on developing them, help them keep pace with the future and technology, and be among the first to lead a better world.

4 hour(s)
4 Lectures
AED 950.00
DEA Programs
Future Jobs
26 Dec 2022

All jobs of the future have one main thing in common, and that is they are affected by the continuous technological boom that we are witnessing, as this technological boom will re-create all the labor markets on the planet. This raises an important question: What are the most in-demand jobs of the future in the labor market? In this course, we will look at the best jobs for the future, which in the first place will achieve the highest income and a decent life for their owners. We will also make sure to know the skills required for each job and what are the challenges associated with it.

4 hour(s)
1 Lectures
AED 250.00
DEA Programs
Starting a Successful Food and Beverage Business
15 Dec 2022

The workshop will take you through proven systems for turning any F&B Industry into a highly profitable business

3 hour(s)
1 Lectures

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