Registration Request for Entrepreneurship Training

  • Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy the educational arm of Dubai SME provides training programs in the field of entrepreneurship with the aim of developing the professional capabilities and competencies of entrepreneurs.

  • Main Service and informative.

  • Register on the Academy's website, create a personal profile, and provide the initial data for the applicant.

    1. Sign up as a new intern on the Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy Website.
    2. Verifying the link sent via e-mail to the trainee.
    3. Complete the personal data of the trainee in the file on the website.
    4. Registration for the announced training program according to the electronic registration form.
    5. Completing the electronic payment procedures for the training programs, and the applicant receiving an SMS regarding electronic payment from the applicant's bank.
    6. Receive an email confirming your subscription to the program.
    7. The Academy provides reminder notices prior to the implementation of the training program.
    8. The Academy implements training programs according to the announced specifications through the following channels of submission: Direct training in the academy's training halls, and remote training through various communication channels.
    9. After the applicant completes the training program and passes the requirements related to the program, he will receive a certificate of participation/pass/diploma for the programs.
    10. The Academy team sends a message to the applicant in evaluating the quality of the training program.
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  • Training programs are offered remotely or through personal attendance according to the dates specified in the training plan listed on the website.

  • Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy Website.

  • Training programs are offered according to the dates specified in the training plan listed on the website.

  • 5 minutes

  • The value depends on the programs offered.

  • All categories of Foundation clients of all nationalities.

  • 24/7

  • How to provide training programs?
    Training programs are provided Virtually or direct (Physical) training at the Academy's headquarters, according to the following address: Dubai - Deira, Business Village, Building B, Second Floor, Conference Hall.

    Course Time
    Two to four hours per day.

    Are there parking spaces available to attend the training program?
    Yes, in Building B Business Village.

    Does the training program require fee or is it free?
    Yes, there are two types of training programs, free and fee-based, as explained in the program's information bulletin.

    The language of the training program (Arabic, English)?
    Most of the training programs are in Arabic.

    Are educational materials provided to the participants in the training program?
    Yes, in all training programs, except for programs that include intellectual property rights of the author.

    Is attendance certificate provided upon completion of the training program?
    Free for specialized courses, and fees apply at 115 dirhams for free workshops.

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