Setting & Creating Goals DEA Programs

In this lecture, we will present all what is related to the process of setting goals and making them, as well as how to strive to implement them. We will address several aspects, starting with an introduction about the concept of the goal, ending with the obstacles that can affect goal setting and how to overcome them.


•   Goal Definition

•   Goal Types

•   Why we should set goals for ourselves? 

•   Importance of setting goals in life

•   How to set Goals

•   How to create Goals

•   S.M.A.R.T Goals

•   Constraints to implement Goals



•   Learn about the different types of goals

•   Differentiate between vision and goal in life

•   Setting our personal goals

•   Creating our goals

•   Setting smart goals

•   Overcoming obstacles to achieving goals


April 2022
DAY Thursday
TIMING 09:30 PM - 11:30 PM
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Program Fee FREE
Certificate fee AED 115.50
START DATE 14 Apr 2022
DURATION 2 hour(s)
Language Arabic
Target Audience Students, College students, Women, Dubai SME Members, Employees, Government agencies & supporting entities

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