Social Franchising DEA Programs

Employment of a commercial franchise system to create a profitable business model to realise social benefits through supporting MSMEs and enabling entrepreneurs to establish and operate a low start-up cost business.

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-        What is Social Franchising

-        Most Important Social Franchise Initiatives

-        How does a social franchise initiative work?

-        Social Franchising Initiative Strategy


-        Present the concept of social franchising to our business communities.

-        Emphasize some of the most important social franchise initiatives which can be implemented in the Arab World.

-        Introduce the social franchising initiatives’ structure and who should be involved.

-        Highlight the diverse strategies used in launching nationwide social franchise initiatives.

-        Embrace entrepreneurs’ unique leadership potential, and encourage them to become the ambassadors for social franchising initiatives in the Arab world.

October 2021
DAY Tuesday
DURATION 2 Hours 30 minutes
TIMING 04:30 PM - 07:00 PM
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Program Fee FREE
START DATE 26 Oct 2021
DURATION 2.5 hour(s)
Language Arabic

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