Establishing and managing small entrepreneurial projects DEA Programs

A training meeting that sheds light on a range of important aspects in establishing and managing small projects. It is very important for those who are new to the business world or wishing to start a small or micro project. During the session, Hazza Al Mansouri will presents summaries of his experiences in establishing and managing projects.


•   4 steps to successful entrepreneurship.

•   Influential points before starting the implementation of the project.

•   How traders think.

•   * What is purchasing power and its importance.

•   The 4 steps to locate the project.

•   What is the cost of incorporation and how is it dealt with.

•   How to professionally manage an existing project.

•   How to improve the selection of employees.

•   How we excel in managing the technical side.

•   Important terms in financial management.

•   How to manage electronic projects.

•   The Future of Business



At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

•   Thinking in an effective way in understanding the basics and organizing his priorities in                         implementing the entrepreneurial ideas he has.

•   Understand the steps of choosing a project site

•   Manage an organized work team

•   Choosing the right staff

•   Correctly manage the liquidity allocated to the project

•   Study the general situation and competitors in an effective manner

August 2022
DAY Wednesday
TIMING 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
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Program Fee AED 150.00
Certificate fee FREE
START DATE 03 Aug 2022
DURATION 3 hour(s)
Language Arabic
Target Audience Home Business license Holders, Entrepreneurs, Those who want to start their project, Small and Medium Business Owners, Dubai SME Members, Government agencies & supporting entities

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