Sales Funnel to E-commerce DEA Programs

The goal of any project is to get and increase sales, but only a few knows how to implement it. So, in this workshop, we will learn how to create a successful sales tunnel that increases your sales and changes the status of your business easily.

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        Types of clients

  ·        How do you find your target customer?  

 ·        How to harness social media for the benefit of your project  

 ·        What is a sales tunnel? Its components and types?

 ·        How to build the best sales tunnel for you?

 ·        Multiple examples of sales tunnels

 ·        Successful and Proven Selling Strategies

 ·        How to choose the right platform for your advertisement?

 ·        How to study the status of your sales and adjust it




At the end of this workshop each trainee will be able to:

  ·        How to study the purchasing behavior of customers

  ·        Learn how to build and direct the sales tunnel to your advantage

  ·        How to find your target customer and how to influence their purchasing response

  ·        Identify the best platform for your marketing ads and how to harness it for your goals and control the sales process

September 2022
DAY Monday
TIMING 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
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Program Fee FREE
Certificate fee AED 115.50
START DATE 26 Sep 2022
DURATION 3 hour(s)
Language Arabic
Target Audience Students, College students, Housewives, Women, Home Business license Holders, Entrepreneurs, Those who want to start their project, Small and Medium Business Owners, Employees (Potential Entrepreneurs), Dubai SME Members, Employees, Government agencies & supporting entities

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