Industry and Smart Inventory Management for Entrepreneurs DEA Programs

Inventory Management System is one of the most Important subjects for Entrepreneur, since it plays a robust role in Supply Chain Management , which involves Planning, , Monitoring, controlling, organizing, supplying, receiving, storing …..etc This Workshop highlights the smart Strategic Techniques in Inventory Planning & Stock Control to let the Entrepreneurs, Businessmen do their Business Efficiently & Effectively


•   The strategic role of inventory management in the supply chain

•   The basic principles of warehouse design and internal operations

•   The main problems facing companies and factories in the inventory management system and ways       to solve them

•   The most important modern smart technologies for efficient and effective inventory planning and       control

•   Inventory management system performance measurements



•   Recognize the vital role of Inventory Management in Business Profitability 

•   Recognize the Major Problems in Inventory Management and how to tackle them

•   Apply the right Procedures  for receiving, items classification, shipments

•   Calculate the required Qty to manufacture, safety stock, re-order point 

•   Know how to controlling & monitoring the Inventory via Digital Technology 


October 2022
DAY Wednesday
TIMING 04:30 PM - 07:30 PM
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Program Fee FREE
Certificate fee AED 115.50
START DATE 26 Oct 2022
DURATION 3 hour(s)
Language Arabic
Target Audience Home Business license Holders, Entrepreneurs, Those who want to start their project, Small and Medium Business Owners, Dubai SME Members, Government agencies & supporting entities

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