Programming the mind for success in entrepreneurship DEA Programs

Entrepreneurial success is one of the most important sources of happiness for minds that seek achievement and continuous development... There is no doubt that entrepreneurs must deal with the largest number of fears, obstacles and challenges with a correct programming of the mind.


•   Learn about mental programs and their basic role in entrepreneurship

•   Principles of restoring mental programs to the entrepreneurial mindset

•   Recognize how unique we are in our personalities

•   Strengths and areas of development for leadership

•   Programming the mind towards the goal and ultimate goal in entrepreneurship

•   What are the internal obstacles and how to get rid of them?

•   The mental program for self-stimulation and its role in success and leadership

•   The role of communication and relationship building

•   The mental program for creative thinking

•   Create positive habits in our daily life as an entrepreneur



A set of mental methods and systems that entrepreneurs use to understand things, then this information is transmitted to the mind, then analyzed, programmed, classified, archived and shown to us in the manner of action and reaction. And with time, our programs become fixed until we reprogram them again.

July 2022
DAY Wednesday
TIMING 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Zoom Meetings

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Program Fee FREE
Certificate fee AED 115.50
START DATE 06 Jul 2022
DURATION 3 hour(s)
Language Arabic
Target Audience Home Business license Holders, Entrepreneurs, Those who want to start their project, Small and Medium Business Owners, Dubai SME Members, Government agencies & supporting entities

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