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Marketing in this evolving and changing world has become a necessity to deliver our products and services to the right segment and here we will explain what tools I used as an entrepreneur in marketing my projects and continue to attract customers.

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an explanation of the problem facing entrepreneurs and their huge spending on social media celebrities and their dependence on that. On the other hand, there are many ways that can be used and benefited from, the meaning of marketing and how to apply it will be explained, also there are live experiences and models that will be explained, including marketing planning and pre-marketing for small and medium enterprises.


1- Understand the weaknesses you face in your marketing strategy.

2- Apply planning in marketing before applying it.

3- You will learn about marketing methods that are applied in local projects.

4- You will learn about the importance of operations and quality management for the project before marketing and what are these basics.

5- You will learn about the tools that you can use at the lowest costs to market your project.

August 2021
DAY Tuesday
TIMING 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
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Program Fee FREE
START DATE 24 Aug 2021
DURATION 2 hour(s)
Language Arabic

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