• Name : Mohammed Salem Almahri
  • Designation : Director of a government investment office, Investment and economical advisor
  • Website: www.gohighglobal.com

Economic investment expert, business development consultant, corporate leadership

  • Management and Economics - Emirates University - Marketing Business Management
  • Investment and economist, specialist in marketing, sales and corporate leadership
  • Investment advisor, life leadership trainer, lecturer, and success maker for the younger generation

    Experience in sales management in the UAE with Saudi companies and United Al-Kirch Livestock Co., Nadak Dairy Co.

    Marketing Manager at Emirates-Dubai Transport, and later regional director of the middle east's largest rice company (Shalan Commercial)

    Managing many private companies, as well as government intelligence in the fields of investment, economic and customer service.

    Negotiating representative of many companies, and the conclusion of the rows

    Current Director of government investment office and director of tam integrated government services center, formerly in Abu Dhabi

  • B.A. Business Administration - UAE University
  • Making a successful Arab youth generation in leading life and an investor in the financial and economic industry
  • Arabic, English

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