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Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) believes all students should have equal access to all of DEA’s facilities, programs, and activities without regard to age, color, religion, national origin, marital status, gender, or handicap. All students are granted certain rights and have certain shared responsibilities as members of the DEA community. DEA encourages students to make their own decisions and assume full responsibility for all consequences of their actions. Students are expected to adhere to federal and local laws of the United Arab Emirates. The rights and the responsibilities below outline a system designed to safeguard and protect the rights, safety, and property of all in the Academy’s population, which ensures a fully operative and well-managed community of learning

Freedom of Assembly

Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy recognizes the rights of all students to seek knowledge, debate ideas, form opinions, and freely express their views while respecting the rights and freedoms of others. The Academy recognizes the right of freedom of assembly, but student gatherings must not disrupt or interfere with the operation of the Institution. Any recognized student organization, after receiving approval of time and space, may hold group meetings inside an Academy building. The use of public address and sound equipment systems is prohibited outside DEA facilities. Any use of this equipment inside the university facilities must maintain a reasonable sound level.


Whilst every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information in these pages, Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) wishes to emphasize that the contents contained within this area are regularly reviewed and are naturally subject to change from time to time. It is the sole responsibility of the user/reader to check the accuracy or reliability of relevant facts before entering into any financial or other commitment based upon them.
Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to this website or its contents or its links and accepts no legal liability for errors or omissions contained therein. In no circumstances (as permitted by law) shall DEA be liable for any losses, damages or claims arising or suffered as a result of any use of this website, its contents or its links.
Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy makes no representations or warranties as to the security of any information (including, without limitation, personal information) you provide any to third party through DEA’s website links.


All materials including, without limitation, website design, text, graphics, images, software compilations, underlying source code and software (including applets) on this website are the copyright of DEA or the relevant providers. Individuals are allowed to browse, download or copy such materials under the limit of “fair dealing” in quantity and quality and for personal reference only.
Except as stated above, materials should not be reproduced without permission or license from Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy.
All legal and intellectual property enquiries should be directed to DEA Team.


Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) will make all reasonable efforts to deliver the programs described in the prospectuses.
Prospective students should be aware that it is occasionally necessary to modify, discontinue or combine programs. This may be necessary for a number of reasons such as low enrolments, illness or departure of staff, industrial action or reduction of funding.
DEA does not provide education on a commercial basis, and is dependent on public and charitable funds that require the Academy to deploy its resources efficiently and rationally. Changes will only be made if the Academy reasonably considers it to be necessary.
If a program is discontinued, DEA will use reasonable endeavors to provide a suitable alternative program and will take all reasonable steps to minimize disruption; allow a student to withdraw without penalty if a program is cancelled or significantly varied, with an appropriate refund of fees and deposits.

Quality assurance

Our reputation has been built through our sustained success in Entrepreneurship and teaching over many years. High standards and quality are key features of this success and Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy is committed to maintaining its standards and continually enhancing its quality in all areas.
Quality assurance aims to provide our stakeholders - government, students, employers, professional institutions and many others - with evidence that high standards are attained in all areas and that agreed processes in DEA are operated correctly and professionally.


Students are encouraged to share personal experiences while participating in classes at DEA. However, students must be aware that should they disclose to any DEA faculty member or staff information that may cause harm to themselves or others, faculty members and staff are required to report such information to DEA Management & Coordinators.
General Statement of Philosophy on Student Conduct
DEA believes strongly in promoting the development of personal and social responsibility and also believes in a humanistic approach to discipline conducive to academic pursuits; however, DEA recognizes that its responsibility for the protection of personal and institutional rights and property is a primary focus of the disciplinary process. The administration reserves the right to develop any policy or take any action(s) deemed appropriate to maintain the safety and wellbeing of any or all students.

Conduct Integrity

Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy maintains not only high academic standards, but also expects students to maintain conduct integrity and be a good DEA citizen. This means demonstrating courteous behavior and professional conduct at all times. Students are expected to maintain an exemplary level of maturity displaying behaviors and dress that do not violate in any way U.A.E. norms, practices, beliefs and expectations of personal conduct. Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy’s students are subject to all local and national laws.
Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy’s students are subject to Dubai law, which prohibits consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages for Muslims and individuals under 18 years of age. Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy does not permit alcohol to be brought onto or consumed on its property at any time regardless of age or religion. No alcohol is either served or permitted at DEA functions, whether on or off campus. The penalty for the consumption and/or possession of alcohol on university grounds is dismissal from the Academy.

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