Thaer Abo Wassil

To be successful is to be creative, and to be creative one has to think differently

I am a highly motivated and talented professional seeking a role where my abilities are able to sow seeds of creativity in a challenging environment.

Specializing in the field of  marketing in my education, I now seek a more challenging position within Marketing Industry.

I have absolute confidence in my experience to more than 8 years  will add value to any organization and accomplish set goals


Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration jurisdiction of marketing and business development from the University of Greenwich.

CEO of Al Afya Marketing Consultants in UAE.

Marketing Manager to multinational companies in the UAE and other countries.

Participate in lectures and workshops specializing in the marketing strategies and preparation of marketing plans with many universities in the UAE and other countries.

Thaer Abo Wassil's Programs

Entrepreneurship Diploma (Arabic) - 7/9/2015

Provides an ideal platform for networking with leading industry practitioners and successful entrepreneur, and for learning from peers by interacting, sharing ideas and brainstorming in a way similar to real-life work situation