Trainer / Salma Almansoori

Think Creatively......

First UAE trainer in Financial Markets


Member of Awarding Committee – H.H. Sheikha Shamsa Bint Suhail award for creative women, business and economic section for creative women in its first and third seasons.

Has presented many courses in projects and stock market for organizations, universities and schools in UAE including but not limited to: Think Creatively, One Page Business Plan, You are the project, My first business, How to start your home business, Be Rich, Comprehensive program in Stock Market, Principals of investment in financial markets, Secrets of brokers, Family budget.

Trainer / Salma Almansoori's Programs

Your Business on a page

The program aims to familiarize entrepreneurs how to develop an action plan to briefly explain the main components of a detailed action plan, and will serve as a path for those who want to start racing in the project to ensure continuity and success

Think Creatively

This program highlights effective tools such as brainstorming, mind map and creative games, which entitles you to think in a creative way to innovate your business idea.

Your business at home

The program aims to help entrepreneurs from home and thinking about my house and create a project that introduced them the benefits of the project home began to describe the project, the management team, the creation of the place. As well as to address the basics of project management.

The Art of Fashion Design

This course is a professional training program that handles the basics of fashion design and explains them in a simplified and creative way. The program also addresses the administrative side which helps entrepreneurs passionate about fashion to develop their knowledge and skills in the world of fashion.