The Maker Entrepreneurship Diploma - Specialized Program

During this program, the participants will be using machinery and industrial equipment for prototypes

60 hours | 9th Apr

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    60 hours
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    05:00 pm


Business village Or OriginBase Makerspace

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~The Maker diploma is a fast-track program designed in collaboration with Dubai SME and Hamdan Innovation Incubator to equip entrepreneurs with the mindset, cognitive as well as hands-on skills in addition to local market know-how necessary to enable local innovative product-based entrepreneurship.
Attainment of this diploma provides prospects with a fundamental skillset, insight and understanding of what it entails to perceive a product locally end to end, from concept to market.


1- Promote awareness of prototyping technologies, resources, knowledge and skills that are increasingly at the disposal of regular non-technical individuals
2- Breaking barrier between the individuals and latest design and fabrication technologies
3- Enable participants to engage in Research and development efforts to produce a viable concept
4- Equip participants with fundamental hands skills, language and applied knowledge to be able to engage directly in planning and execution of product development and acquire ability to correspond  and work with different technical teams and industries
5- Promote awareness of local, online and international resources at the individual disposal


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