Game Development and Entrepreneurship - Workshop

Build and sell your first smart game

20 hours | 22nd Jul
AED 630 (Including 5% VAT)

Date And Time

  • Total Duration
    20 hours
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
    04:00 pm


Business Village building, the second floor. Block (b), the conference Center. Deira

Program Language



  • Age Group:

9-18 years old

  • Software Downloads

Download and install Oculus, Unity and Steam App on the laptop.

  • Components and Tools of Unity     
  • Unity in Action

  Participants will learn all the basic knowledge and information to be able to create a game.

  • Make a simple player

Participants will then learn what a game object is and how to make your player.

  • Make a simple game with main objective that the player must achieve
  • Fundamental of Entrepreneurship

Participants will learn how to start their own business in Smart Games trading.

  • Program Requirements:

Participants must bring a laptop.


Participants will learn to develop cross-platform mobile games in 3D and Virtual Reality using Unity 5 which is a multi-platform game engine used to create different genres of games. The program  will also introduce the basics of artificial intelligence (AI), physics in games and the C# programming language which will be used to help the students in designing and creating their games. Participants will be equipped with enough knowledge of how to develop games of their choosing by the end of this program  and will be able to develop small games and improve their knowledge in game knowledge. They will have a substantial idea on how to develop. design and sell their games.


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