Innovation and Creative Business Strategy - Seminar

A training workshop that presents the latest theories, laws and principles in the science of creativity and innovation

4 hours | 12th Jun

Date And Time

  • Total Duration
    4 hours
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
    05:00 pm


Business Village, Conference center, 2nd Floor ,opisate clock round about

Program Language



  • The concept of creativity and innovation and the basic differences between them.
  • The human brain and the electricity of human creativity
  • Innovation in government institutional excellence standards - Fifth generation system 2018.
  • Generatively Generating Industry.
  • Innovation Tools Guide.
  • Four global innovation perspectives


- Raising awareness of the importance of innovation in enhancing the productivity of the public sector.

- Introducing employees to the contents of creativity and innovation in the government sector, local and global .

- Give participants knowledge and skills of creative thinking and brainstorming methods.

- To enrich the participants' outcomes by informing them about the importance of job creation and its direction in the leadership industry and productive human resources.


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