Business is Marketing – Simulation - Workshop

In this simulation, Participants get to become the management of a Jeans brand and run their own company. In teams of approx. 3 to 4 Participants they manage their brands in a very competitive market, as one team’s compete with each other, where one companies’ decisions influence other teams demands and results!

4 hours | 15th Mar

Date And Time

  • Total Duration
    4 hours
  • Start Date
  • Start Time
    10:00 pm


Business Village building,. The second floor. Block (b), the conference Center. Deira

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~~ Content of the Simulation
Each round focuses on new items:
• Analysis & Objectives
• Segmentation & Targeting
• Positioning & Branding
• Product & Price
• Promotion
• Place
• People & Process
• Physical Environment


 ~~Goals of the Simulation
• Participants play the simulation in multiple rounds, each round making strategic decisions.
• The simulation takes Participants through the journey of Analysis, Strategy and Tactical Decisions.
• Participants go through the 7 PS of Marketing, based on Kotlers Principles.


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