Money Safari Learn the secrets of the financial success - Target Age Group From 8 to 12 Years Old - Workshop

A fun session for youth and children all about learning the value of money and starting a small business or project.

4 hours | 28th Jul

Date And Time

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    4 hours
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    04:00 pm


Business Village building, the second floor. Block (b), the conference Center. Deira

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Money Smarts

A light-hearted look at some of the most important lessons our children can learn:

- The Value of Money

- Decision Making

- Saving and Budgeting


Starting a Project

A fun activity to start amoney smart’ business project

- Creating an Idea

- Budgeting costs

- Marketing and planning      


  1. Where money comes from and the common emotions it makes us feel
  2. The importance and benefits of saving, with different methods provided
  3. Avoiding temptations to spend on unnecessary items
  4. Practical methods of budgeting with an allowance
  5. How to use ‘smart money’ skills to plan a business project
  6. Ideas to make your business project a success

Salah will remain for questions and answers at the end of the session


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